Mobilizing the power of the private sector to protect the earth's forests.


Why Forests?

  • Tropical forests contain 50% of all plants and animals on the earth’s landmasses, and support the livelihoods of up to 1.6 billion people.
  • Only 1% of the rainforest’s plant and animal species have been studied, meaning there are boundless opportunities for new medicines and discoveries.
  • Rainforests are thought to store at least 250 billion tons of carbon, equivalent to over 200 years of human-induced carbon emissions.
  • A single bush in the Amazon may have more species of ants than the entire British Isles.
  • A tropical rainforest may have more than 480 tree species in a single hectare, compared with temperate forests where just six species may make up 90 percent of the trees in an entire forest.

Enabling Forest Protection

Forests are important to climate and crucial to life on earth. Protecting them represents perhaps the most promising, large-scale, and cost-effective opportunity to manage climate change, with the potential to contribute up to a third of the solution.

Emergent aims to make forests worth more alive than dead by channeling private sector action to reverse tropical deforestation.

Mobilizing At Scale

The urgent climate crisis requires an accelerated model of change to slow and reverse deforestation. This is why Emergent focuses on large-scale mobilization of finance for national and jurisdictional-level REDD+ programs.

Building on the international climate change frameworks under the Warsaw Framework for REDD+, the Cancun Safeguards, and the Paris Agreement, Emergent provides a market financing and transactional facility to drive large-scale demand and supply of high-quality international emissions units.