Connecting high integrity forest protection and restoration programs to reliable buyers

Emergent provides tropical forest countries with finance commitments and streamlined access to large-scale REDD+ markets.

Emergent’s contracting approaches and benefit-sharing arrangements support early-stage market development while cultivating diverse private and public sources of demand.

Purchase Guarantees –

Secure a guaranteed buyer providing a minimum floor price over several years for ART-approved credits.

Market Upside –

Benefit from potential increased market valuation as credits are sold to private buyers.

Choose Emergent for:

Long Term Purchase Commitments

Our guaranteed floor price for REDD+ credits, verified under the new ART standard, provides a consistent and credible source of financing.

Access to Higher REDD+ Prices

Our revenue share agreements allow seller participation in upside market prices as the REDD+ market develops.

Predictable REDD+ Demand

Our trusted, professional marketing teams secure and streamline access to long-term and large-scale private and government buyers.

Flexibility During Uncertainties

Our flexible contracting approaches help manage risks facing REDD+ programs and navigate market, compliance and economic uncertainties.

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