Why Forests?

Why Forests?

  • Tropical forests contain 50% of all plants and animals on the earth’s landmasses, and support the livelihoods of up to 1.6 billion people.
  • Only 1% of the rainforest’s plant and animal species have been studied, meaning there are boundless opportunities for new medicines and discoveries.
  • Rainforests are thought to store at least 250 billion tons of carbon, equivalent to over 200 years of human-induced carbon emissions.
  • A single bush in the Amazon may have more species of ants than the entire British Isles.
  • A tropical rainforest may have more than 480 tree species in a single hectare, compared with temperate forests where just six species may make up 90 percent of the trees in an entire forest.

Enabling forest protection

Deforestation is driven by a global system of economic incentives that make it more profitable to clear forests for short-term gain than protect them for their environmental and social benefits.  

Emergent aims to make tropical forests worth more alive than dead while ensuring that ambitious tropical forest countries have access to large-scale, predictable performance-based finance, enabling them to further invest in reduced deforestation and sustainable development.

We believe the best way to fight tropical deforestation is by generating access to long-term private sector demand to bolster forest protection. Using the power of international carbon markets, Emergent mobilizes the growing demand from the private sector as they race toward net-zero for high-quality, high-impact emissions reductions from nature-based solutions.


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Mobilizing at scale with the jurisdictional approach 

The urgent climate crisis requires an accelerated model of change to slow and reverse deforestation. We recognize that only national or state governments, or “jurisdictions,” have the regulatory powers and legitimacy with local communities to make the necessary difference. This is why Emergent focuses on large-scale mobilization of finance for jurisdictional-level REDD+ programs. Working across jurisdictions, we activate the funding to enable these programs to protect a minimum of 2.5 million hectares of forest. 

Thjurisdictional approach is a radical evolution in the fight against deforestation. It doesn’t just look at a small piece of the landscape, but takes a holistic approach to the whole region and incorporates all projects where private actors can work together with every stakeholder group including public donors, governments, communities such as Indigenous areas, agricultural producers, and civil society. Jurisdictional-level REDD+ programs secures social and environmental safeguards, drives ever-decreasing deforestation and ensures that proceeds from credit sales furthers emissions reductions. 


A trusted partner for buyers and sellers

Building on the international climate change frameworks under the Warsaw Framework for REDD+, the Cancun Safeguards, and the Paris Agreement, Emergent provides a market financing and transactional facility to drive large-scale demand and supply of high-quality international emissions units.

Governments and private sector participants are both taking on requirements for ambitious action on their own emissions. Our high-integrity demand requires corporate participants to commit to ambitious, transparent and verified  emissions reductions in their value chain. Creating a high-profile platform in forest protection supports forest countries at the forefront for all their climate, economic, ecological and cultural benefits.





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