A pathway to zero deforestation

Emergent is a non-profit intermediary acting between tropical forest countries and the private sector—creating a new marketplace in large-scale transactions of high-integrity carbon credits at the jurisdictional level.  We have a historic opportunity to bend the climate curve, if we make forests worth more alive.

“We will not overcome the climate emergency without safeguarding our planet’s lungs. Halting deforestation and restoring degraded forests are global imperatives.”

António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations

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JULY 22 2021: Emergent launches jurisdictional white paper

JULY 22 2021: Emergent launches jurisdictional white paper

In our new white paper, ‘Why large-scale forest protection must urgently be part of corporate climate mitigation strategies,‘ we provide clarity on the urgent need to reduce tropical deforestation and help companies form their case for investing in tropical forest protection on their paths to net zero.

Read our full white paper here 

Large scale

Large scale

Protecting tropical forests at scale provides the single best opportunity to slow and ultimately halt climate change.

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Emergent only sells credits issued under TREES – The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard – which sets a new benchmark for uncompromising environmental & social integrity, while reflecting the true value and cost of protecting forests.

Our Partners

As a non-profit, our only financial focus is maximizing the sale of carbon credits to fund forest protection programmes.

The Rockefeller Foundation
Environmental Defence Fund
Oak Hill Capital Partners
Good Energies
Global Development Incubator
Latham & Watkins LLP