Mobilizing high-integrity nature-based climate solutions for the private market

Committed to accelerating the pace and scale of forest protection to help reverse global deforestation

Emergent is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of accelerating the speed and scale of tropical forest conservation to combat the climate crisis. With an international team of world-class climate experts and a board with deep private and public sector experience, Emergent is supported by a coalition including the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Norwegian government’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI).

Addressing the current climate and deforestation emergencies require systemic and transformative solutions. Emergent was created to catalyze this type of action by supporting countries that successfully reduce deforestation, delivering climate impacts and other vital benefits for the people and animals that call the forest home.

The private sector has the potential and opportunity to mobilize its power to halt and reverse deforestation. But it’s not happening fast enough. The world loses 7 million hectares of tropical forest annually — the equivalent of 40 football fields a minute, every minute. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We are a catalyst. Join our coalition of partners, and together we can accelerate the protection of the earth’s most precious ecosystems. Get in touch at

Linking nature-based climate solutions to market-based infrastructure

Emergent is a nonprofit buyer and seller of credits with the discipline of a commercial market actor

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing environmental and sustainable development impacts, Emergent operates as a professional market facilitator to unite the conservation efforts of tropical forest countries with the ambitious emissions reduction goals of corporations and donor governments.

Our theory of change

Emergent was formed to create an innovative approach to jumpstart greater market investment, mobilize finance, and incentivize the exchange of REDD+ credits to maximize climate, ecosystem, and sustainable development benefits.

High integrity at scale

Emergent is the first-of-its-kind to match guaranteed finance for large-scale national or sub-national verified REDD+ credits with private sector demand. Emergent is priming the pump to help catalyze markets that will drive capital toward forest protection on a global scale.